Happy 54th National Day - Long Live Singapore


Sweat dripping from his brow

His back against the sun
Humid, sweltering heat
Give his head a throbbing blow.

But he works with his heart, mind and might
For a city to rise and shine
Our forebear, this great city built
Brick by brick, tree by tree
So today we can reap
A beautiful, bountiful Singapore
Land of the free!

Throughout decades of change and growth
The Lion City loudly roared
From a third world country it miraculously transformed
To a first world nation, proud and strong
Tall skyscrapers in its business district
Inspire people to rise
To the height of their achievement
Never averse to change
Where an old building falls
A better one rises
And gives birth to progress.

From a British settlement in the 19th century
To an independent nation in 1965
Her flag of crescent and stars
Proudly unfurls
A banner of ascent and brotherhood
That makes for a strong nation.

I will bear her banner high
Here or on foreign land
Ever proud to be a Singaporean!

Five stars of passion
A crescent that shines brightly from a murky past
Both reflect our Lion hearts and souls
For our motherland
In battlefronts we will defend her
Until our last breath
We shall live our lives with dignity
So the small red dot
Will be esteemed highly
As a home of many culture, race and creed.
Singaporeans stand united
Be proud of our noble birth right!

Defend our ideals
Serve as the bulwark
To make this small island nation strong
Now and forever more
Long live Singapore!

Source: Dr Patrick Liew

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