Tracking Orders

Can't wait for your order to arrive? We've got you covered! Use the Tracking Code we have sent you in the shipment confirmation email (which you should receive a few days after placing your order) and find out exactly how close you are to receiving your new, awesome product! 

How to check your order in two ways

1) click on this link : Tracking Order

2) Alternatively, you can able to track your order in your order status pages show below in orange box. Normally, the tracking number will appear on your order status page after few days. To check your order status, simply just need to click on the tracking number. It will show you the order tracking status.


If you encounter any issue with your order do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve any issue immediately. Keep in mind that order tracking status may take up to 2~3 working days to update, so don't panic!