Forehead Infrared FDA Fast Accurate Measurement Digital Thermometer

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Application: Forehead
Material: ABS
Model Number: Baby Forehead infrared Thermometer
Thermometer Type: Digital
Item Type: Thermometers
Type: Electronic
Age Group: Babies
Feature: Intelligent curved reflecting mirror
Feature 1: 1 second temperature
Feature 2: sensing surface area is increased by 25%
Size: 13.8 * 3.7 * 3.7cm
Measuring range: 32-42.2 ℃
Memory storage: 32 sets of memory
Power supply: Two AAA batteries (DC 3V) (excluding batteries)

Baby Forehead Infrared Thermometer Fast Accurate Measurement Digital LCD Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Model A: 48 hours shipping


1. Intelligent curved reflecting mirror, infrared sensing is more obvious 2. New generation core induction, 1 second temperature measurement 3. The sensing surface area is increased by 25% compared with other infrared thermometers, and the temperature measurement accuracy is higher. 4. HD LCD, clearer digital display

Product parameters:

Size: 13.8 * 3.7 * 3.7cm Measuring range: 32-42.2 ℃ Memory storage: 32 sets of memory Power supply: Two AAA batteries (DC 3V) (excluding batteries) Product net weight: about 47g (without battery) Operating environment: temperature 16-35 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 15-18%, air pressure (70-106) kPa


Model B: in stock now

1. It can measure the temperature of objects and human body.The two measurement modes of material temperature and body temperature can be switched freely. 2. There are temperature and body temperature switch keys,convenient and quick. 3. It has 32 groups of memory, one-click query,if you forget the last measured temperature,you can check. 3. It has a voice broadcast function,you can also turn on mute without need. 4. Fast temperature measurement,read body temperature in one second. 5. Free switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 6. Adopting beautiful arc design,accord with ergonomics. 7. It has three kinds of backlight,green backlight is 35 ℃~37.1 ℃ (normal body temperature,you can rest assured),yellow backlight is 37.2 ℃~37.9 ℃ (note the temperature change),red backlight is 38 ℃~43.9 ℃ (recommended to go to the hospital quickly).


Model C: new arrival, with enough stock


Product Name: Non-Contact IR Measurement Measuring repetitiveness: ≦±0.2°C Measuring precision: Lab:±0.2°C,within measuring range 35.0°C-42.0°C and under environment temperature 10-40°C Measuring Range: Body temperature: 32°C-42°C(89.6°F-107.6°F)Surface temperature: 5.0°C-80.0°C(41.0°F-176.0°F) Working condition: Environment temperature:10°C-40°C Relative humidity: ≦85% Power: DC3V(aaa*2) Measure time: 1second


Model D: new arrial, with enough stock now


1. Non-contact accurate temperature measurement 2. Celsius ° C or Fahrenheit ° F can be converted 3. Can set alarm value 4. Record the latest 32 sets of measurement data 5. automatic data retention and automatic shutdown 6. Automatic range selection: resolution is 0.1 ° C (0.1 ° F) 7. The LCD display with backlight can be used by users in a dark environment. 8. Infrared measurement, 9. The best measurement distance: 5-15CM 10. Promise time: 0.5 seconds 11. Emissivity: Fixed emission frequency 0.95 12. Over range prompt: LCD screen displays "HI" or "LO" Technical indicators: Human body temperature measurement: 32.0-42.5 ° C / 89.6-108.5 ° F Accuracy (according to ASTM standards): 32.0-35.9 ° C / 93.2-96.6 ° F (± 0.3 ° C / 0.5 ° F) 36-39 ° C / 96.8-102.2 ° F (± 0.2 ° C / 0.4 ° F) 39-42.5 ° C / 102.2-108.5 ° F (± 0.3 ° C / 0.5 ° F)


Model E : new model, with enough stock now


1. Non-contact infrared measurement, 1 second temperature measurement 2. Memory storage: 3. Large screen display: 4. Good safety performance: passive infrared measurement, safe and no radiation, the error value does not exceed ± 0.03 5, three-color backlight design, can identify whether a fever at a glance ① Green backlight: Normal, ≤37.5 ° C ② Orange backlight: high, 37.5≤38.5 ° C ③ Red backlight: ≥38.5 ° C 6. The product has a temperature mode, which can quickly and accurately measure the temperature of baby bottles, bath water, etc. 7. One-key recovery, any key to turn on, in the off state, pressing any key will display the memory value (memory temperature and number of times) 8, 20S automatically shuts down, when not in use, no operation is required, it can be automatically shut down after 20S

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